Trim Parts

A premier manufacturer of show quality restoration products for over 44 years....

Trim Parts manufactures GM-Licensed Restoration Parts and Mopar-Authentic Restoration Products for various cars and trucks. Located in Lebanon, Ohio, their 75,000 square-foot facility masterfully blends traditional manufacturing techniques with state-of-the-art technology to produce beautifully crafted products.

Through sourcing premium materials, utilizing original or replicated GM tooling, as well as multiple tiers of quality control, Trim Parts’ products lead the industry in quality and accuracy. Trim Parts’ injection-molded parts are modern-day duplications of the originals. From color tones, to light refraction and split lines, every detail is considered and accounted for. Similarly, their die cast, stamped, and painted metal products are held to the same quality standard.

You would be amazed at the beautiful quality of parts found in their scrap bin! Quality control inspectors scrutinize every part under magnification, looking for even the tiniest flaws. They reject parts which would otherwise pass straight through to customers of other companies.

The reason they do this is because they wouldn’t be happy with fitting sub-standard parts in their own cars and thats why we have partnered with them.